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You have lived your whole live as a unicellular organism, only to be tyrannized by the multicellular King of the Sea. But this ends now: Connects with other unicellular organisms and free yourself from the shackles of slavery.

... back to reality: The game is about building a large graph (yes, the mathematical structure) and smash it into your enemies. Have fun!

If you're here to brag, this is the right page! Post your connection score into the comments!

Install instructions

A controller is not required, but it helps!

Keyboard Controls:

  • Arrow Keys: Move
  • Q and E: Rotate
  • R: Reset
  • Escape: Quit Game


  • Left Stick: Move
  • Triggers: Rotate
  • Start: Reset
  • Back: Quit


Subdivide.zip 26 MB

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